Julius Toth Appointed Chief Operating Officer of Kronos Advanced Technologies

Press Release | 03/03/2020

Los Angeles, California /OTCMARKETS/- March 3, 2020. KRONOS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, Inc., (OTC:KNOS) (“KNOS” or the “Company”) a product development and production company that has significantly changed the way air is moved, filtered and sterilized and is focused on developing the Company’s air purification technology products announced today that Mr. Julius Toth has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc.

“Julius is a seasoned and trusted leader who, for the past 40 years had consistently delivered superior business results. He is uniquely qualified to drive strategic reorganization within Kronos, with a laser-focus on operational excellence,” our Board of Directors commented. “We have tremendous confidence in Mr. Toths ability to align Kronos’s world-class innovative patented technology with industry-leading operational practices to drive and extend the next-generation of Kronos’s marketing plans.”

Effective immediately, Mr. Toth will assume responsibility for engineering, marketing, operations and our services departments. He will be responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company operations and ensuring excellence across the company.

“The Kronos’s strategy has never become more compelling, especially now, during a worldwide Coronavirus outbreak,” said Mr. Toth. “I am incredibly energized to help lead the company to its next phase of innovation. The current spread of Coronavirus has become a catalyst for critical strategic changes in the Company, changes I believe, will have a profoundly positive impact on our business going forward. The Company has proven, tested and patented technology to eliminate dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Toth owned a number of companies and has earned several top national marketing awards for door-to-door direct selling and has owned and operated a chain of award-winning Home Environment Stores. He has also received awards for effective customer service, repairs, and warranty procedures used in his own companies. More than that, Julius set records in Multi-Level Marketing, leading a company from $1.2 million in sales in 1994 to $187 million in sales by 1997, largely because of the Simple Steps programs that he wrote. Marketing innovations like these have been key to his teams consistent successes. Julius is currently the owner and CEO for Toth Group Intl., under which he operates 7 Heavens LLC, EdenSAFE Super Homes LLC, and ZOA Group LLC.


Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc. began operations in 2002 as a product development and production company that significantly changed the way air is moved, filtered and sterilized. Historically, Kronos focused on developing, marketing and selling the Company’s proprietary air movement and purification technology. Serving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) market, Kronos technology uses state-of-the-art high voltage process without the use of traditional mechanical fans and filters. Kronos-based products move air silently, filter and purify the air, and reduce energy consumption. Kronos devices can be variable in shape or size and, therefore, have the potential to be scaled down in size for the cooling of microchips or scaled up in size for industrial and hazardous gas destruction. The technology is currently being implemented in standalone products to move and filter air replacing HEPA and other filtration systems. There are a broad range of additional markets for standalone and embedded Kronos devices. Examples of immediate addressable markets include health care facilities, operating rooms, manufacturing clean rooms and cabins of automobiles and commercial aircraft.

Currently the Company is revisiting its business plan and planning to enter into new market segments but will continue to market air purifiers and other consumer products.

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