• Kronos Air 5G – Model 5

    Patented Air Purifier for Home or Office – Kronos AIR 5G Model 5 Ionic Air Purifier with Washable Filter. No need to replace HEPA Filters, Eco-friendly, silent, with advanced Technology that Kills 99.99% Microscopic Mold, Bacteria, Smoke & Pet Allergies.

About Kronos Technology

Kronos is a brand new technology that fully removes harmful allergens, bacteria, viruses (including the flu), and even gases from your breathing space! This revolutionary product far outperforms the outdated 1940’s technology of a HEPA filter, and eliminates the shortcomings of any other air purifier on the market.

High Performance

Eco Friendly

Money Saving

Smart Control

Whisper Quiet

In this challenging & uncertain time, we understand, & want to help ease the burden for you, our amazing customers & shareholders. Please Allow extended processing time for each order. We love you all, and we will get through this together! ~ Stay Safe: Kronos Advanced Technologies

A publicly traded company on OTC markets under the symbol KNOS