5 Layer Graphine Masks

Skin-friendly non-woven fabric on the interior of our respirator decreases allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin. It is recommended by the CDC to replace Masks/ Respirators after 2-3 uses. If used for extended periods of time, handle with proper care and apply disinfecting procedures. Please visit CDC guidelines for more information.
  • Resistant design/construction for multiple wears
  • Tested for 99.9% filtration efficiency
  • 5 layers provide a higher level of protection
  • Compatible with eyewear protection glasses & face shields
  • Adjustable nose strip bracket for comfort on the exterior of the mask
  • FLAT 4″ x 6-1/4″, OPEN 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″

How Virus Enters An Unmasked Person


Multi-layered design includes a total of 5 fabrics: a combination of melt-blown nonwovens with a two-layer filter for reduced inhalation exposure.

You should know where you mask comes from. Exceeds Safety Standards. American Made

  • 5-Layer Protection with ≥99.9% Efficiency Rating
  • Secured with 2 Elastic Ear Loops
  • Adjustable Metal Nose Clip for a Custom Fit
  • Foldable and Lightweight Design
  • Multi-Pack (Available in either 5 or 10 masks per pack)
  • American-Made (Global Materials)
  • Color: Gray

How to wear

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.
  • Unfold the respirator and ensure metal nose clip position is on top.
  • Place mask over nose and mouth

  • Secure with ear loops
  • Press down on nose clips to fit


What Does NIOSH Approved Mean?

“NIOSH approval” comes from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). NIOSH is a federal agency that researches and makes recommendations to ensure the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses. It’s a division of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), founded in 1973.

NIOSH will only approve a specific, finished respirator assembly after it has been properly evaluated in a laboratory setting and has been found to comply with the public health regulations and requirements as outlined in 42 CFR part 84. It is also necessary to evaluate and approve the manufacturer’s quality plan and practices. Any respirator mask that meets these requirements can be considered a NIOSH-approved particulate respirator.

What Makes NIOSH-Approved Masks So Critical?

NIOSH approval is important because those in need of adequate protection rely heavily on the respirator’s effectiveness rating being true. For instance, an NIOSH-approved N95 boasts a 95% or greater efficiency rating, meaning that it blocks at least 95% of non-oil-based airborne particulate. If, in actuality, you were using a respirator mask that is not NIOSH approved, you have no real idea as to how effective it is at blocking airborne particulate or pathogens.

If you’re not sure if a respirator mask you’ve purchased is NIOSH approved, you can refer to the CDC’s guidelines on Respirator Trusted-Source Information. Every NIOSH-approved respirator should have a number of appropriate markings and labels that can be easily identified on the respirator itself or the product’s packaging. Be wary of respirator masks missing NIOSH markings entirely.

What mask will provide the highest level of protection against COVID-19?

A well-fitting respirator, such as an N99 or n95, will provide the highest level of protection against COVID-19 and is a reasonable choice for many people.

Our masks are made in an NIOSH approved Facility:

Nelson Test Results

Differential Pressure (Delta P)

Bacterial Filtration Effeicency (BFE)

Differential Pressure (Delta P)

Bacterial Filtration Effeicency (BFE)

Nelson Test Results

Viral Filtration Efficency

Viral Filtration Efficency (PG1)

Viral Filtration Efficency (PG2)

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