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    The World’s First & Only Filter-less Air Purifier

Breathe Different with Innovative Washable Air Cleaners.

Kronos Advanced Technology is empowered to change the air purification industry by using electrical filtration to replace outdated and expensive HEPA filters.

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Meet The Kronos Family

Going beyond the limits of traditional and outdated technology, Kronos’s patented and waste-free technology was designed with your health in mind. With the power to remove harmful pollutants, toxins, and viruses, including influenza and COVID-19, Kronos has become a leading choice indoor air solution for homes, businesses, and facilities throughout the world.

Record Breaking

Destroys particles down​ to ​
14.6 nanometers in size.

Kills Viruses

Removes Influenza, COVID-19 and other biological contaminants.

Outperforms HEPA

Unique filtration design not only collects but destroys airborne pollutants. 

Whisper Quiet 

Operates nearly 6 times quieter ​than other purifiers on the market.

Waste Free Design

Requires no expensive filter replacements – simply wash and reuse!

Built in AQI Sensor

Test the real-time indoor air quality of your space with an easy to read built-in sensor

We Do What Others Can’t.













Say Goodbye to Wasteful and Expensive Filters

Expensive and outdated HEPA filters simply trap particles inside their costly filters. These pollutants can often escape back into the air, making your expensive purifier and filter virtually useless. Kronos’s washable collecting plate solves this problem by creating an easy to clean system that is safe and effective, and saves you some money, too! Simply eject Kronos collecting plate and wash with warm water and dish detergent, or put it in the top rack of your dish washer on a low heat setting. 

The Technology Behind Our Award Winning Air Purifiers 

Buy Today and get $100 off + FREE SHIPPING+ 1 year warranty on us!


Air flows from the bottom and into the Pre-Filter Screen to collect hair, pet dander, etc.


The Emitter Wires create an electro field that zaps dangerous particles that would be traveling into our lungs.


Charged particles are destroyed. Kills bacteria and germs. Third party lab tested and confirmed to kill 99.9% of influenza virus in one hour.


Charged particles stick to the collecting plates to remove dangerous toxins from the air. The collecting plates are then washed and reused over the course of time.


The catalytic layer is the final step in purification process that removes unpleasant odor – keeping your air fresh and pure.

Air Purifiers For Your Business


Help your schools reopen safely and provide safe air to students and staff.  It’s quiet so it will not disrupt any learning!

Service & Hospitality

Whether your business is concerned with improving the quality of air, removing odors or protecting your guests, Kronos has a solution!

Commercial Real Estate

Safe workspaces are essential. Our air purifiers remove and destroy airborne containments, reducing the spread of indoor airborne containments protecting the team.


Kronos’s patented technology is silent, uses less energy, and is filter-less. From waiting rooms to exam rooms, we deliver safe and clean air for you and your patients. 

The most important factor when choosing an air purifier is its effectiveness.

Kronos  has the highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and CCM (Cumulate Clean Mass) of any portable air purification system on the market, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, effectiveness and air quality.

The Company was founded in 2002 and funded by the U.S. military to develop electrostatic air movers. Eventually, the Company moved into the consumer air purification business. It began operations as a product development company that invented and significantly changed the way air is moved, filtered, and sterilized. Serving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) market, Kronos technology uses state-of-the-art high voltage patented processes without the use of traditional porous HEPA filters. The Company markets its products as Airdog® and KRONOS® brands. All Kronos products come with Kronos Promise ™

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