Who Is Kronos?

Image of Silent Night Air purifier

Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc., incorporated on September 17, 1980, was a product development and production company. The Company focused on developing technology, which changed the way the air moved, filtered, and sterilized.

The Company operated through six segments: air movement and purification (residential, health care, hospitality, and commercial facilities); embedded cooling and cleaning (electronic devices and medical equipment); air purification for spaces (clean rooms, airplanes, automotive, and cruise ships); specialized military (naval vessels, closed vehicles and mobile facilities); industrial scrubbing (produce storage and diesel and other emissions), and hazardous gas destruction (incineration and chemical facilities).

The Company developed two product application platforms. The device could be used as a standalone product or embedded product. The Company activity had been focused on its wholly owned subsidiary, Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc, and did not generate operating revenues. As of fiscal 2008, the Company temporarily ceased its operating activities.