Kronos – X3000


This product is a high-efficiency negative ion portable air purifier, which can release millions of negative ion groups, forming an invisible air filter barrier within one cubic meter of air around you.

Kronos recommends to use this product in addition to the mask for extra protection.

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  • Advanced technology, completely silent, safe, energy saving and Eco- friendly.
  • Small and light unit, built-in lithium battery, easy to charge
  • Hang around the neck for easy to carry air purification and can purify the air in one cubic meter of nose area
  • This item adheres to TSA guidelines


  • Studies show that negative ions can actively neutralize and remove PM2.5, smoke, pollen, dust and other polluted micro particulate matter.
  • Check the research about negative ions here
  • The carbon fiber technology releases a large amount of negative ions. and when it encounters a positively charged pathogen, it neutralizes it and makes the protein of the pathogen inactive, there by eliminating the pathogen.
  • Release high concentration of negative oxygen ions to make our breathing area more comfortable and providing you with safe air.


  1. The pulse tip technology is used to release a large amount of oxygen anion. releasing 20 plus million negative oxygen ions ,effectively remove harmful substances such as floating dust, smoke, formaldehyde and PM2.5 in the air.
  2. Release a large amount of oxygen anion, kill harmful bacteria, mold and virus, decompose smoke, odor and formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases released by car parts
  3. Negative ions promote metabolism, activate cells, refresh and relieve motion sickness.
  4. Mini, portable necklace design, stylish and convenient to carry.
  5. Easy to operate, one button for on/off. Just press the button for two seconds to enjoy the fresh air.

Product name: X3000
Input interface:
Micro USB
Silent DB:
Working time:
15-20 hours

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in