Management Team

Julius Toth

Chief Operating Officer

Julius has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of Kronos. Julius has owned a number of companies and has earned several top national marketing awards for door-to-door direct selling and has owned and operated a chain of award-winning Home Environment Stores.

He has also received awards for effective customer service, repairs, and warranty procedures used in his own companies. More than that, Julius set records in Multi-Level Marketing, leading a company from $1.2 million in sales in 1994 to $187 million in sales by 1997, largely because of the Simple Steps programs that he wrote. Marketing innovations like these have been key to his team’s consistent successes. Julius is currently the owner and CEO for Toth Group Intl., under which he operates 7 Heavens LLC, EdenSAFE Super Homes LLC, and ZOA Group LLC.

Michael Rubinov

President & Head of Business Development

Michael is a seasoned Hi-tech Executive with 25 years of global business experience.  Michael has served in various positions in sales, marketing, channel development and partner management.

Michael has worked for large and global organizations such as Intel, NICE Systems, Boeing (Defense and Security) as well as for start-up companies like Dialogic and Remunera International SA. He was appointed President  and Head of Business Development of Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc in February of 2020.

Vladimir Gorobets, PHD


Kronos is pleased to have one of the original Chief Laboratory officers as a director. During his time at Kronos, he personally bolstered the intellectual property of the company. Vladimir developed detailed conceptual designs for electrostatic fluid accelerators, air filters, humidifiers, and space heaters. In addition, he cultivated prototype development and testing for a variety of original high voltage devices and provided critical input to US military projects going through SBIR. Under the leadership of our Senior Technology Adviser, Dr.Vladimir Gorobets, Kronos continues to seek out innovative ways to improve on the core Kronos technology, as well as new and innovative applications for our proprietary technology. This effort includes filing of new patent applications.

He was employed as a Senior Engineer with Kronos from 2000 to 2008 and was the lead inventor and responsible for the majority of Companys issued patents. His IP portfolio includes 41 patents and publications, including 12 US patents and 22 International patents. Vladimir was also the Director of Manufacturing and Development for the Suzhou Beiang Technology In Singapore Industrial Park, China, to develop , manufacture air purification systems for residential and industrial applications.

Joseph L. Florence

Dynamic skilled leader in all aspects of business formation, evaluation, and execution. Bringing a unique combination of Fortune 100 company experience with a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience. Gifted Visionary, possessing the unique ability, to see future opportunities and to make timely strategic adjustments. Naturally gifted at seeing unrecognized risk and overlooked opportunities. Proven track record of transforming companies to better align People, Processes, and Technologies to meet strategic goals and business metrics resulting in increased market share and profitability. Natural Leader. Quick Study.

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